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Zubaan Training was founded in 2017 by Michaela Bekaan (Germany), an experienced foreign language teacher and intercultural trainer. Since 2017, Zubaan has been providing resources for learning Urdu, Intercultural Training, and Translation Services. There is no other service like Zubaan when it comes to learning Urdu.

Zubaan began as a single branch in Karachi. Since then, staff and services have grown. In 2020, we opened a branch in Islamabad and in 2022 a third branch in Lahore. In the five years since we started, Zubaan has taught Urdu and offered intercultural trainings to over 250 students from 45 different countries.

For the first few years, Zubaan offered German and English language courses. In May 2020, we closed down our German and Business English language programs. Zubaan has chosen to focus on creating quality products and services for expats in Pakistan and beyond. Follow us to get the latest updates on our developments.

Due to a lack of quality Urdu resources for foreigners, Zubaan began publishing our own resources. In the year 2021, we placed greater priority on our publishing work and intercultural training. In June 2021, we published our first Urdu curriculum Qadam A1.1 (both print and online) and other books are in the works, too. In addition, we have started conducting Inter-Cultural Intelligence Trainings face-to-face in Islamabad and online.

Zubaan Training is an international hub for language learning and cross-cultural encounters. It is uniquely anchored in Pakistan, and equipped to teach and train people from all around the world.

“I founded Zubaan Training because I am passionate about helping people reach their full potential. It is my goal to create a place of learning and growth for people from various cultural and language backgrounds. “
Michaela Bekaan
Founder of Zubaan