Class Prices

The price of the classes varies by course type: in-person/online, individual/group, amount of hours, etc.

Overall, class prices range from about 1,100-3000 Pakistani Rupees (PKR) per hour. This is about $4-7 USD per hour (depends on exchange rate).

There are steep discounts available for group classes and other ways to save.

We are happy to give you an individualized price estimate based on your course need – simply express interest below.

Why Choose Zubaan? 🔍


Courses are organized, structured, & based on internationally proven methods aimed at real-life communication.


Competent admin staff to help you: arrange your customized & flexible schedule, make class adjustments, provide feedback, etc.​


Tutors receive rigorous & comprehensive teacher training as well as ongoing supervision, coaching, & feedback.


Trusted by over 450 students from 65 different countries, including staff from embassies & international organizations.


Our own high-quality Urdu materials for adult learners which we been tested & refined through 1000s of hours of live teaching.


We seek to honor the Lord, striving to serve customers with excellence in our materials, teaching, character – in everything.

Still Unsure?

If you’re still unsure and just want to try without paying anything, sign up for a free 30-minute demo/trial/taster class.

What About Other Tutoring Websites?

We encourage you to be exposed to as much Urdu as possible, so it may to be your advantage to learn with us and to learn with other tutors. This also may give you exposure to various Urdu accents.

However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Most tutoring websites do not offer a free trial. We have a 30-minute free trial/demo/taster class available (in-person and online).
  • You will find some entry-level tutors available at a lower price point than ours. However, for well-trained, highly-rated tutors, their prices are consistently above our prices – particularly because they charge in US Dollar.
  • You may have to “try” several tutors before you find someone who is organized, structured, and helps you make progress. You will not have this worry with Zubaan tutors.
  • You may have communication or scheduling challenges. Our admin staff are professional, timely, and clear communicators, and we ensure the schedule is suitable and consistent for you.