Our teaching methods & levels

Our teaching methods are based on proven international standards, professional materials and years of experience. With our Zubaan methods, we address your level and pace of learning in the best possible way.

When you begin classes at Zubaan, we begin by giving you a placement test. From there, our trained teachers will plan lessons based on your level and learning goals. 

Motivating Learning Environment

Fully Equipped Classrooms

Professional Learning Methods

Trained and Experienced Teachers

Language Levels & Assessments

At Zubaan we use the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to describe and assess language levels.

It takes approx. 100-200 hours of class time to complete one level.

All non-beginner students are required to take a short placement test (free of cost) before starting lessons. In addition, we offer language assessments and certification for Urdu by a certified telc* examinerContact us today to find out your proficiency level.

*telc stands for “the European Language Certificates”, which are international recognized and standardized language tests developed by telc GmbH

Below is a detailed level description of the CEFR levels in Urdu.