Urdu Books published by Zubaan

Have you tried learning Urdu using a language learning app? Did you end up learning words that weren’t really relevant? Did you struggle to speak, even though you understood things?

Finding the right materials and resources for studying Urdu as a foreign or second language is a daunting task. Unfortunately, resources in the past have been quite limited and academic. So we are working to solve that problem! Since 2017 we have been publishing books specially designed for learning Urdu as a Foreign or Second language – and there are more in the works. Here is a selection of our titles. You can also view and download our brochure here.

1) Qadam A1 & A2. – Course-and workbook for beginner students; so far we have pubished 3 books in this series (Level A1.1., Level A1.2. and Level A2.1. (part 1)). At Zubaan we use these materials for all beginner courses.  It comes with a free media package with lively videos. For more information visit www.myqadam.com

2) Reading & Writing Course – a workbook for non-native speakers: The name says it all. Also available are audio files to help you with pronunciation and dictation.The third, revised edition was published in February 2022.

3) Urdu Grammar Workbook for Beginners: A workbook filled with activities to practice beginner grammar

You can purchase all of our books in our online shop, on Amazon Kindle, at our centers in Karachi and Islamabad, at Saeed Book Bank in Islamabad and Liberty Books in Karachi. 

If you are looking for additional, free resources, we’ve created a list on our free resources page

"Finally there is a book that is focused on learning how to communicate in real-life. I really loved it!
Urdu Learner, who used Qadam in her classes