Teaching Urdu at an Academy (2023)

Our teachers recently enjoyed a unique opportunity to teach about 60 teenagers at an academy in Karachi. Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah, the educational institute of the Dawoodi Bohra community, welcomed 4 of our teachers to develop the Urdu skills of their bright students from Pakistan, Yemen, and other countries. Two classes for the foreign students focused on beginner Urdu, while the other 2 classes for the Pakistani nationals covered Urdu public speaking.

Our teachers travelled to the beautiful Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah campus three days a week to conduct their classes. The campus provided state-of-the-art rooms, fully equipped with proper audio/video technology, spacious whiteboards, and a clean environment. 

For the beginner classes, our professional teachers taught a 40-hour course using our own course and workbook curriculum: Qadam A1.1, Qadam A1.2, and Qadam A2.1. The students showed remarkable progress by the time of our assessments, some going from knowing a few disjointed Urdu words to communicating in full sentences on varied topics.

The public speaking course was a customized class to prepare the students to formally speak in front of special visitors to their campus. With training in various teaching methods and settings, our teachers adapted well to the needs of these students. They came away with newfound confidence and skills in Urdu public speaking, and the staff greatly appreciated the structure that we provided to meet their specialized course goals.

To show their gratitude, one of the classes out of their own initiative read out notes of appreciation and gifted a “Certificate of Appreciation” to their teacher, Mrs. Zainab. It was a particularly touching moment.

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