What Youlin Online Magazine says about us

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Nida Qasim, freelance writer for Youlin Magazin, a cultural website created with teh objective of activing as a cultural bridge between the people of China and Pakistan it is the first bilingual online magazine of its kind.

Nida Qasim first came across our book Qadam in the language materials section at Saeed Book Bank and she writes:

“I was initially pleasantly surprised by its design. When I went through the book, I found that it contained well broken-down modules for learning Urdu, which featured a simple to read yet appealing format. I was surprised when I found out that the writer was not Pakistani but German. After learning this fact, I became even more curious and searched Qadam’s website to learn that there is an entire institution behind this book, which has helped expats, diplomats, individuals running businesses, overseas Pakistanis, foreign students, individuals married into Pakistani families, tourists, and even local Pakistanis themselves become proficient in the Urdu language since 2017.”

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