New Release January 2021

Qadam A1.1.

After more than one year of hard work, we are now in the final stages of publishing our new Urdu Book: Qadam A1.1

Qadam means “step” in Urdu and it was developed for beginner students to help them take their first steps in in the Urdu language.

Qadam A1.1. contains a course- and workbook, so it can be used either with a teacher or for self-study. In addition, theQadam A1.1. Media Package will be release with rich video and audio content especially designed for this curriculum.

By the end of the course – i.e. after 40-50 hours of lessons – students will have reached the Level A1.1. (according to the Common European Framework of Reference)

Thank you to all our current students who have been testing the content over the last months. Your feedback and input has been invaluable!

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