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About Urdu Grammar Workbook for Beginners

The vision for this book developed over many years of studying Urdu as a Foreign Language in Pakistan. As I dug deeper into learning Urdu, met many other students, supervised and trained numerous Urdu language teachers, it became apparent that there are few resources for Urdu as a Foreign Language for adult learners. The book you hold in your hands has several purposes:

Urdu as a Foreign Language

This workbook is all about Urdu and specifically for adults learning Urdu as a Foreign language. Whether you are studying Urdu for personal reasons, you are a foreign student at a Pakistani university, a business professional and expat, or simply a language geek who loves to explore foreign languages – this book is for you. This workbook can also be used as a supplement textbook for academic institutions, where Urdu is taught as a Foreign Language.


I often call grammar “the glue that holds language together”. It enables us to put words together so that it becomes intelligible communication. Without it, all we have is a series of words. If we take the three words “student” “book” and “read” and add some grammatical rules, we can turn it into sentences that communicate meaning. E.g. The student has to read the book. The books is being read by the student. The student has read the book before. Because of the central role of grammar in language, this book focuses solely on key grammatical structures in the Urdu language.


We discovered that there are many books with grammar explanations, but hardly any resources to practice. Our desire was to create a book that will allow students to do just that. Each chapter is two pages long and focuses on one specific grammar point (e.g. the future tense, the use of adjectives). It is filled with a variety of fun, focused activities.

For Beginners

This workbook covers all the basic grammar structures a beginning student of Urdu will most likely encounter. All basic tenses, as well as the use of nouns, cases,



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