NOW AVAILABLE: Reading & Writing Workbook: Urdu as a Foreign Language – 4th Edition (Expanded)

Special features include:
• Detailed explanations for each of the Urdu letters
• Letter and sound recognition activities
• Reading activities to develop specific reading skills such as sight reading, understanding words
from context, identifying type of words, intensive and extensive reading skills, and more
• Reading and writing activities based on each chapter of the beginning Urdu course books,
Qadam A1.1. and Qadam A1.2.
• 13 additional reading texts and activities for advance beginners (A2)
• Free MP3 audio files to accompany the book
• Answer Key for all activities
• Can be used for self-study or with a teacher

This book has been used by many foreigners learning Urdu as a Foreign Language since 2011 and is the official textbook of Zubaan Training’s “Reading & Writing Urdu Course”


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