NOW AVAILABLE: Reading & Writing Workbook: Urdu as a Foreign Language – 4th Edition (Expanded)

Since its first publication, this book has been widely used across Pakistan and abroad. This 4th edition includes new practice activities to make learning Urdu reading and writing even easier.

Special features include:

• Detailed explanations for each of the Urdu letters
• Letter and sound recognition activities
• Reading activities to develop specific reading skills such as sight reading, understanding words from context, identifying type of words, intensive and extensive reading skills, and more
• Reading and writing activities based on each chapter of the beginning Urdu course books, Qadam A1.1. and Qadam A1.2.
• 13 additional reading texts and activities for advance beginners (A2)
• Free MP3 audio files to accompany the book: Found here
• Free Answer Key for activities (available on our online shop)
• Can be used for self-study or with a teacher

This book has been used by many foreigners learning Urdu as a foreign language and is the official textbook of Zubaan Training’s “Reading & Writing Urdu Course”



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