Urdu Grammar Workbook (online)

Due to popular demand, we are now creating online activities based on our Urdu Grammar Workbook.

The first activities are now live at practice.urdulearner.com

Chapter 1Pronouns & The Verb to Be
Chapter 2Singular & Plural
Chapter 3Questions & Question Words
Chapter 4Adjectives
Chapter 5Polite Requests & Informal Commands
Chapter 6Postpositions
Chapter 7Possessive Forms
Chapter 8Talking About Routines (Present Simple)
Chapter 9Urdu Cases (Oblique)
Chapter 10The Conjunctive Particle (کر Construction)
Chapter 11Present Progressive Tense
Chapter 12Impersonal Verb Constructions
Chapter 13Chahna And Chahiye
Chapter 14“To Have” Construction
Chapter 15The Past Habitual Tense