Testimonials – What our students say

Since 2017 over 300 students from 57 different countries have successfully learnt Urdu with us. Our students come for many reasons: Some are learning Urdu for professional purposes – to talk with colleagues, clients, suppliers etc. Others want to be able to socialize and interact with Pakistanis, e.g. with neighbors, in-laws, shop keepers. Again others are studying Urdu for academic purposes either as international students at an university in Pakistan or to help with their research and studies at an university abroad. And then there are those who are simply “language geeks”, or tourists who love Pakistan and want to be able to interact with locals during their travels. In-person, online – or both; short, intensive courses to year-long courses – everything is possible at Zubaan.

Watch the testimonials and hear for yourself what our students have to say.  You will also hear why they think learning Urdu is important and the difference it has made in their daily life.