Our story


Zubaan Training was founded in 2017 by Michaela Bekaan (Germany), an experienced foreign language teacher and intercultural trainer. Together with her staff, foreign and Pakistani teachers, Zubaan Training quickly became the Number #1 address for specialized Urdu, Business English and German language courses for corporate and private clients.

From August 2017 until May 2020 our services and products included Urdu languages courses for foreigners, Online Courses, German courses for all levels, English Business and Communication Trainings, IELTS courses, Intercultural Trainings and Translation & Interpretation Services (Urdu/English/German) and material development.

In December 2019 we launched our first Urdu courses in Islamabad and in March 2020 we opened up our office in F7-1, Islamabad.

In May 2020, we closed down our German and Business English language program, and instead expanded our products and services for expats in Pakistan and beyond. Follow us to get the latest updates on our developments.

In the year 2021, we have placed greater priority on our publishing work and intercultural training. In June 2021 we published our first Urdu curriculum Qadam A1.1. (both print and online) and other books are in the works, too. In addition, we have started conducting Inter-Cultural Intelligence Trainigs face-to-face in Islamabad and online.

Our Experience

Did you know? Zubaan means “language” in Urdu.