Urdu Classes (in-person)

Whatever your background and needs–Zubaan Training is here to help you achieve your goals!

Whether you only want to learn speaking, or reading and writing as well, our trained teachers want to see you speaking Urdu from day 1. Contact us for a free price estimate. For any additional questions, check out our FAQ’s section.

Our Urdu courses are specifically designed for foreigners and non-native Urdu speakers. Zubaan Training’s teachers are highly qualified, and combined have more than three decades of experience with students from around the world. With our interactive, customized, and practical courses, you will speak Urdu from Day 1!

You can choose between classes at our training center in Karachi (Bahadurabad), Islamabad (F7-1), or your home or office. If none of those work, online classes are also available!

Learning for Work

Many of our clients study Urdu due to their work in international companies or embassies. If you live locally,Zubaan teachers even come and teach you in your workplace.

Learning to Socialize

Whether you want to talk to family, friends, your neighbors or shopkeepers, we are here to hel you you communicating well in Urdu.

Learning for fun

We love languages and cultures and maybe you do to! Zubaan specializes in Urdu for foreigners to be able to offer superior language training services. Try a class today!

Listen to Felix’s (Germany) experience and how studying Urdu has helped him in his work in a large international organization.
Listen to Lisa’s (Guatemala) experience at Zubaan and how learning Urdu has helped in interact with her in-laws, as well as shopkeepers, friends etc.
Meet Daniel (Australia) who is studying Urdu as he is traveling around Pakistan – and Jessica (UK), who started studying Urdu for fun.
If you need more flexibility, then our Online Courses with a live teacher are the perfect option for you! The method, content and teachers are the same as at our in person classes in Karachi and Islamabad.

Amazing course, and SUPER helpful, and a great choice if you want to study Urdu as a skill or even just to talk to friends! I liked pretty much everything, especially the fact that I managed to learn Urdu instead of just hearing a youtube channel talk about it, take notes, and forget it all 5 minutes later, I can actually remember a lot in a conversation.

Teenager living in Karachi