Intercultural Training

Everybody has their own unique cultural wiring; what if you could tap into it?

We want to help people navigate cultural challenges and thrive in a diverse and global world. Our trainings aim at developing Inter-Cultural Intelligence  (ICI), which will enable to you to be effective in any context.
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What do people who practice Inter-Cultural Intelligence say?

  • It makes me less biased and more curious
  • We are more likely to connect based on our common humanity
  • It establishes trust and respect
  • We connect deeper faster

Inter-Cultural Intelligence Training (Level 1)

The goal of the ICI Training is to develop cultural self-awareness and the ability to navigate intercultural situations with a deeper understanding of people’s cultural drivers.

The training uses the Three Colors of Worldview Discovery Tool developed by KnowledgeWorkx (Dubai)

Inter-Cultural Intelligence Training (Level 2)

The ICI Level 2 training is a continuation of ICI Level 1 training and looks more practically at issues like decision making, use of time, status and more in various cultures.

The training uses the 12 Dimensions of Culture Cultural Mapping Inventory developed by KnowledgeWorkx (Dubai)

All trainings are conducted by Michaela Bekaan, Director of Zubaan and certified ICI Practitioner with KnowledgeWorkx.

With 20+ years’ experience in numerous countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas, she is passionate about building bridges between cultures and enabling people to become successful participants in a global and culturally complex world. She is known for her interactive and empowering trainings, which allow participants to apply lessons to their lives immediately.